Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the promotion of the site to the first places in the search engines Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail, etc. for active, selling requests, relevant to the subject of your seo company bangalore.

Users are typing a query in the search engine Yandex, etc., are already interested (usually) in the product, service or information, expressing their intentions in the form of search queries. Getting to your site from the search (the list of the search engine), they get the opportunity to immediately commit the desired action – to buy a product or order service of interest.

Search Engines Produce search results according to specific rules: seo company in bangalore on the first places are sites that, according to the search algorithm (each search engine has it’s own), correspond to the user’s request as much as possible (also, the reference weight and other criteria are taken into account). If you take into account the features of the search algorithm and adapt the site (texts, links, tags, etc.) to it, then its positions in the search results will significantly increase. The primary task is to get into the TOP-10 in the search engines Yandex, Google, Rambler, and Mail on the most important keywords for your business.

Our advantages

We are engaged in search engine optimization of sites since 2005. During this time, more than 500 web-projects were realized. At the moment we are promoting more than  300 websites, 3000 keywords at seven regions of Russia. We ensure constant growth of the target audience for all our customers. Join us, and we will work to increase the success of your business as guaranteed auto financing.

Our main rule is maximum transparency and clarity of all actions to promote the site for our customers. We answer all questions, give consultations and written reports on each project, and take the most important decisions together with the client, providing him several options to choose from, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of this or that option.

The purpose of our work on website promotion is to turn the client’s website into a useful business tool, an interactive office on the Internet, solving the marketing tasks facing it using search optimization.

You get a stable result. We conduct the promotion (optimization) of the site on a set of critical queries; a temporary drop in positions on one of them cannot affect the overall attendance of your website and sales.

We guarantee the safety of work, because we do not use the “black” and “gray” methods of optimizing sites banned by search engines (especially Yandex), and take care of the security of your website and image.

We will share our experience and knowledge, tell you how to make your web-resource not only visited but also allowing you to sell your products or services effectively.…

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